Wyn Masters Partners with Yoshimura Cycling

Wyn Masters Partners with Yoshimura Cycling

Yoshimura Cycling is stoked to announce a partnership with GT Bicycles’ Wyn Masters. “We are so excited to have Wyn Masters be a part of our small family here at Yoshimura Cycling,” Said Erick “Big E” Bartoldus, head of Yoshimura’s Marketing. Wyn is a pro with tons of experience and a truckload full of personality, and he will fit in well with our plans here at Yosh” added Bartoldus. Along with his UCI WCDH racing, Yoshimura will be a part of Wyn TV.


“We got to know Wyn a few years back and since then we’re big fan of him. We are so excited to start working with him, and accessing his riding skills and knowledge will be a huge asset for us to enhance our product development. “ Said Yusaku Yoshimura, President of Yoshimura R&D of America Inc.


“Stoked to join the family at Yoshimura, and to join such an iconic brand with a rich history in racing. I was lucky enough to visit them at their HQ last year and seeing the level of craftsmanship and effort that goes into their products was impressive to say the least. And the whole office is stoked on bikes and riding too! So I look forward to plenty of good times ahead with Yoshimura!” said Wyn.


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