Nick Valdovinos

 Yoshimura Cycling Riders Nick Valdovinos

Home Base: SoCal, California, USA
I love to ride all types of terrain. My strengths are downhill, dirt jumping and enduro.
Current Sponsors/Brand Ambassador:
Scariest Trail/Feature:
Scariest and most fun trail I have ridden currently would have to be Kong in Virgin Utah
Who’s In Your Crew:
This would be a long list; I ride with a lot of different people. I definitely ride with my little sister Kelly the most, she tears it up! The riders I could call up today to schedule a ride would be my father Greg Valdovinos, Collin Timmermans, Jesse Peterson, Cristian Becerine, McHenry Carlson, Rob Mitchel, Justin Larsen, Izzy Carranza, Takafumi Taka Uchida, Tracey Channel, Devin Foreman, Alberto Castellano, Big-E, Jon Camarena, Brian Bender, Chad Burmudez, James Murphy, John Brewton, Rob Whyte, Ross Lanier, Anthony Napolitan, Tani Walling, and Erik Tipton just to name a few.
Words to Live By:

Riding -If you aren’t crashing, you aren’t riding hard enough!

Life- Your wealth is a direct reflection of the value you bring to the market place (market place meaning people).

Instagram: @nickbreakseverything
My biggest thanks goes to my mom and dad for being amazing examples and always being there for me and giving me the best life possible. I’ve learned love and patience from my mother and problem solving and persistence from my father. Thanks to all the people that have worked on my bikes to keep them running (you know who you are)! Thanks to everyone who ever saw potential and believed in me!

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